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JE Bonding Inc. is a 24-hour bail bonds company in Texarkana, AR. Getting arrested is stressful. You don't need the added pressure of making bail on your heavy plate. Instead of waiting for a court date, take action. Work with a bail bonds expert to get you out of jail fast. Keep our contact information handy. If you're in Texarkana, AR and need a bondsman, call 903-748-1402.

Bail Bonds

We're there when you need us regardless of the time of day or night.

Bail Bonds


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What makes JE Bonding stand out?

Texarkana, AR is filled with many bail bonds services. However, JE Bonding reigns supreme. Here's why:

Lead bondsman Mark Luckett has 15 years of experience
All consultations are free and available 24/7
Mark will drop everything to be there for his clients
We provide financing options for our clients

You're one step closer to freedom when you work with our bondsman. We'll go above and beyond to get your loved one out of jail. Contact us 903-748-1402 now for 24-hour bail bonds.

We Provide Financing Options in Texarkana, AR

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