Providing 24-Hour Bail Bonds Services in Texarkana, AR

Reclaim your freedom with a trustworthy bail bondsman

Whether you're facing misdemeanor or felony charges, you need someone who's looking out for your best interests. The only way you can meet with lawyers and settle the matter is if you have the freedom to do so. JE Bonding Inc. provides that freedom through bail bonds services.

Work with a bail bondsman in Texarkana, AR who is dedicated to justice. Call now to speak with lead bail bondsman Mark Luckett.

Never spend time in jail if you don't have to

Never spend time in jail if you don't have to

A majority of defendants in Texarkana, AR are eligible for bail bonds services should they get arrested. Want to know what happens after being handcuffed? Check out the bail bonds process:

  • The defendant is arrested and booked in a Texarkana, AR
  • The judge sets the bond amount depending on the severity of the crime
  • The defendant contacts Mark Luckett and begins the bail bonds process
  • We post the bail and get the defendant out of confinement
  • The defendant waits for his or her court date

If you or a loved one needs bail bonds services, you need Mark Luckett on speed dial. Call 903-748-1402 now. We're available 24/7.